ILDS DermLink 2021

Montant :

Date limite dépot de dossier : 2021-03-14

Porteur projet : ILDS DermLink
contact : ILDS Secretariat
Tél. : +44 (0)20 7388 6515
Site internet :


LDS DermLink seeks to support applications form ILDS Members to undertake initiatives that help patients with skin disease in underserved parts of the world. We welcome applications from anywhere in the world. All applications need to be supported by an ILDS Member. We celebrate and share the broad range of approaches to skin health and disease that exist throughout the world  



Montant : projets scientifiques allant jusqu’à 100 000 €

Date limite dépot de dossier : 2021-06-04


A project which is in conflict with EADV or is in conflict with EADV initiatives pursued by other committees of EADV, will not be evaluated by the PPRC.

  • The project benefits the EADV: the project will contribute to the mission and reputation of the EADV;
  • The project benefits patients with skin diseases and contributes to the understanding of skin diseases, physician capabilities or patient care;
  • The project involves several expert groups from European countries with a synergistic or complementary role in pursuing the objectives of the project;
  • The project is co-ordinated by investigators with sufficient background experience and/or training in the specific research field;
  • The project is original and carries true scientific or clinical interest;
  • The project is feasible: the project objectives are realistic and can be achieved within a reasonable time frame (1-2 years);
  • The project management plan is adequate: timing and resources are clearly specified and in line with the project requirements. Deliverables are clear and measurable;
  • The project budget is adequate: a detailed realistic budget with justification of all elements is provided.

EADV Research Fellowship

Montant : 30 000 €

Date limite dépot de dossier : 2021-05-01


An established agreement between the candidate Fellow and a research or clinical center (Host Institution) that offers excellent research opportunities for the particular research subject and has accepted the candidate for a one year fellowship. The criteria for candidate Fellows are: 

  • A dermatologist - venereologist,
  • A resident in Dermatology – Venereology, or
  • A junior scientist with special interest in Dermatology-Venereology (post-doctoral scientist)
  • The fellow should be of European Nationality
  • The fellow should be under the age of 40 on the day of application.
  • The fellow has previous published experience in the field of research he or she is planning to engage in or have a track record in skin research documented by his/her publication records.
  • A detailed project that will be submitted by the candidate.